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Visit the HCHS website for more information. Unlike many standardized tests, there are not individual parcels of time for the Hunter test.

Hunter HS Exam - Prep Tips

Students are given a block of 3 hours to complete all test sections in any order chosen. Students must, therefore, be very aware of pacing.

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Be sure to visit www. Tutoring Plan. We prepare students extensively for the rigors of the math, verbal and writing portions of the test. Hunter has released one diagnostic practice test, but the actual exam changes radically from year to year. The math section in particular varies and is quite difficult.

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The test is divided into three sections:. It is comprised of six passages, from a spectrum of time periods.

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A Writing Component - The Writing Component gives you a choice between an essay or an autobiographical entry, which is judged on creativity, detail, and overall success. There is no penalty for wrong answers. Any questions, call the office at For help preparing for the Hunter College High School admission test or to find out about our free practice exams email Praxis Tutors at info praxistutors.

Bronx Science. Brooklyn Tech.

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Cornell Tech. Therefore it is fair to say that the weak spot for most students is the Essay.

The Big Cram for Hunter High School

Handwriting is important because the essays are handwritten. If an essay is sloppy and difficult to read, the score will suffer because readers will have to struggle too much to understand what the student is trying to say; like any other human beings, the readers of the Hunter essays get fatigued and might just give up trying.

What incentive do they have to decipher chickenscratch? Essay responses need to fit onto two pages; while scrap paper is supplied for note and outlining, the essay response is limited to 2 pages. Students need to practice fitting legible, full responses into 2 pages or they may be surprised on test day.

Hunter High School FAQ

No calculators, so the Math skills must be thoroughly practiced and internalized. The test is always in early January, which can be a cold time in New York. Have a good sleep the nght before and dress warmly for the morning wait outside the test centers; figure out ways to conserve student energy and freshness prior to the exam so that the student does not enter the test center already worn out and uncomfortable.

If for whatever reason you have a poor sleep the night before, don't worry about it.

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Have a good breakfast and go into the test smiling. Human beings can perform surprisingly well even after losing a night's sleep. That fact may give you some comfort.