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What is persuasive writing? Ethos — Be Credible By appealing to credibility, writers make their claims more believable. Logos — Be Logical By appealing to logic, writers persuade. Pathos — Appeal to Emotions By appealing to emotions, writers persuade. Most persuasive writing techniques use all three appeals.

Posted on 11th November 19, views. Student responses may look something like this:. Ask students to share examples of times they have seen or heard propaganda and how it affected them. Would knowledge of the practice of propaganda have changed the effectiveness of the message? Brainstorm reasons that leaders, organizations, and companies employ propaganda.

Appeal to Emotion - As a logical fallacy

Introduce the various forms of persuasive communication referred to as propaganda. Some major forms are:. You will want to review and discuss each type of propaganda as a class. You may want to gather video clips of a variety of propaganda techniques, or find a series of ads in familiar magazines that demonstrate them. Be sure to preview the commercials first and select examples you feel are appropriate for your classroom and that exemplify specific propaganda techniques.

Using Pathos in Persuasive Writing

Once you have found examples, work as a class to identify the different techniques used, and discuss how effective they were. After students have completed their investigation of propaganda techniques, divide them into small groups. Ask each group to brainstorm a new product or service that will be advertised in a commercial utilizing at least two propaganda techniques.

Once they have chosen a product or service, have them brainstorm different ways they could use propaganda techniques to sell it. Once they have a broad list, the group should add details that describe how each technique might be applied to their product. Have them choose the two most effective techniques and formalize the script. To help them better envision the commercials, have each team develop a storyboard that outlines what they will show and how the images, music, and illustration will support the script.

When the scripts and storyboard are complete, have students use the tools in Frames to bring their commercials to life. Have students use the drawing tools to illustrate their product or service and animate the objects and characters to match the script. They can use Frames to record narration for the commercial and then add music and sound effects to support the animation. When they are finished, they should save the file and then click the Make button to save it as a movie or animation file they can share with others.

Persuasive Writing

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Appeal to Emotion Examples

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