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This schism would need processing in order to get past that problem. You are asked questions about the situations you have faced in the past and how you have dealt with them.. In effect, students learn a generally applicable approach to analyzing cases studies and real situations.

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This type of case studies focus on phenomena within the contexts of real-life situations. An Aries type man is energetic, a pioneer, not particularly suave, one who goes after what he wants. Also she might not really be conscious of her emotional nature and blame the guy for the issues. They expose students to real-life issues.

What makes a case study so valuable is that is it is real-life situation or problem. A management case study contains a description of real-life management issues and proposed solutions. At the conference in Orlando, two members of the community — Dr. Adam Freeman and Dr.

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Iain Pretty — presented the results of a study that were undeniably disastrous. Thirty-nine bite-mark analysts certified by the American Board of Forensic Odontology were asked to review case studies and render an opinion on a most basic question: Is this injury a bite mark? The veteran practitioners came to unanimous agreement in just four cases. Notably, the study did not consider whether the decisions were correct. Prompted by back-to-back blows to the credibility of the practice, a number of previous defenders of bite-mark comparison have begun to change their tune — including Dr.

Frank Wright, who stood before his colleagues in Baltimore and offered a mea culpa. It cannot go on. Wright implored the directors of the American Board of Forensic Odontology to issue their own moratorium on bite-mark comparison, but that did not happen. Mike Bowers, who has spent the last two decades ringing the alarm over bite-mark evidence. Undeterred, Senn was behind a second set of complaints filed last year aimed at Freeman and Pretty, who have been increasingly outspoken about the practice since Those complaints were dismissed at the start of the Baltimore conference, which apparently did not please Senn.

According to multiple witnesses, he and Freeman got into a heated discussion in the bar of the Baltimore Hilton that culminated in Senn trying to climb over a railing to attack Freeman. Senn did not respond to emailed requests for comment. If the crackup within the odontology section exposed a struggle for the future of forensic dentistry, elsewhere in Baltimore things were comparatively drama-free.

Many presentations were geared toward improving reliability and guarding against the cognitive bias and bad incentives that can skew the work of forensic practitioners. In criminalistics, a fire marshal from Connecticut warned fire investigators not to veer too far into policing when determining how a fire started. All of this made the opening plenary that much more vexing.

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Among AAFS regulars, the reactions ranged from weary indifference to indignation. It was delivered by Bonnie Armstrong, founder and president of an organization called the Shaken Baby Alliance. Although it remains widely enshrined in medical literature, the diagnosis once known as Shaken Baby Syndrome is a cautionary tale.


Today SBS is an emblem of the kind of junk science that sends innocent people to prison; the National Registry of Exonerations lists 17 cases involving an SBS diagnosis — in 16 of those, it was ultimately determined that there was no crime at all. The most recent exoneration took place last year, in the case of Zavion Johnson , a Sacramento man accused of violently shaking his 4-month-old baby girl to death. Johnson was only 18 years old when he called to report that his child was unresponsive.

He spent 10 years in prison before prosecutors finally dismissed the charges against him in January She began with a harrowing description of being raped by a stranger at a rest stop when she was 13 years old, then moved to the story behind the Shaken Baby Alliance. The organization was inspired by her adoptive daughter, Tiffany, who was brutally attacked by her biological father when she was a baby in Doctors gave a diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Armstrong was certainly sympathetic — and her account deeply disturbing. But her speech raised red flags. For one, there was the rather salient question of how a finding of SBS might relate to a baby being beaten with a baseball bat.


More importantly, given the well-documented problems with SBS, why would AAFS place it center stage at an event ostensibly devoted to science? One attendee, Michael Risinger, a law professor and expert on forensic evidence, walked out during the speech. He was dismayed that there was no one to provide the necessary scientific balance or context.

This was especially disconcerting given the recent backsliding in reform efforts. To be fair, several academy members pointed out that the plenary session is shaped by whoever is in charge year after year and not necessarily indicative of a larger shift in mission. Like forensic techniques themselves, which grew mostly out of the needs of law enforcement rather than the work of scientific researchers, the organization evolved from a prosecutorial mindset.

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This long slow evolution of what is today the most prestigious forensics organization is a good reminder of just how much time and effort it will take to get forensics as a whole on firmer scientific footing. After all, Risinger points out, some experts were raising the problem of scientific validity back in the s.

The answer to that is, yes, but surprisingly little. The slow progress is not just because of dissenting ranks within forensics. In many ways, the problem has been exacerbated by politics. While Vermont Sen. Chief among the naysayers when the NAS report was first released was then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, also a former prosecutor. The terminology has no meaning outside the courtroom and yet suggests a strong scientific foundation that cannot be said about most forensic practices. Yet a number of promised reforms have not materialized. Seven months later, Lynch announced that she was adopting the NCFS recommendations on testimonial language, but that wider stress test simply never happened.

Carriquiry says that conversations happening among stakeholders and the DOJ just fizzled out after Trump was elected and Sessions was brought on board. After thirty four years in the classroom, Patricia and her husband Anthony Bud Bertino co-authored Forensic Science: Fundamentals and Investigations textbook for high school students. Patricia and her husband remain very active in teacher education through presentations at many national and state science teachers' conferences.

For the past ten years, they have organized and taught the Bertino Summer Forensic Institute for Teachers. Observational Skills. The Study of Hair. A Study of Fibers and Fabrics. Forensic Botany. DNA Profiling. Forensic Toxicology. Handwriting Analysis, Forgery, and Counterfeiting. Forensic Entomology Soil Examination. Forensic Anthropology. Glass Evidence. Casts and Impressions. Tool Marks. Capstone Projects. Project 1 Personal Evidence Portfolio. Project 4 Forensic Dumpster Diving.